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about Princess Mer

Princess Mer is a male princess who got his name from being the entitled a$$hole that he is. Much of Princess Mer's tantalizing personality can be gathered from the following 3 facts:

1.  Despite being "rescued" it is apparent he has only lead a privileged life. How do we know? He knew the sound of the Reddi-wip can... so much so that the first time we used Reddi-wip in his presence he sprinted from the other room and proceeded to be extremely vocal about being served some.

2.  He poops in the tub. When we first adopted him, we thought it was because he always wanted a clean littler box. (Hello?!? He is a princess, after all. ) So we got something ridiculous - a Litter Robot (#noregrets). Of course, he still pooped in the tub. Now we are forced to live with the bathroom door closed at all times.

3.  He bullies the innocent... aka Kyle. 'Nough said.